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Moby Dick

New version and new book!!!
Thanks to Simone Motta, I imported a book that Simone had translated into arasaac and realased in PDF, Moby Dick.
The book is simple and very nice because it is accompanied by beautiful images.
I took advantage of the opportunity to test a new feature that I introduced with version the ability to create a book by pasting all the text at once.
In the enclosed images you see the fundamental steps in which I paste the text and this is transformed into Arasaac.
You can choose whether to expand articles (the, a an) or keep them together with the next common name.
I then inserted all the contour pictures and divided the text into 3 chapters. You can see the final result in the last three attached pictures.
The book (it's in italian language) is available as usual on "Book Download" menu item. If anyone want to translate and share it, I'll be very happy to help.
The new feature is a menu item while you're writing a book chapter (Add sentence)

Moby Dick 1 Moby Dick 2 Moby Dick 3 Moby Dick 4 Moby Dick 5 Moby Dick 6