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Coniugazione Verbi ARASAAC


Verbs Conjugation

With the help of Simone Motta, I've created the symbols of verbs with its conjugations you can import on ARAWORD. Below here is the download link:

Verbs ARASAAC for ARAWORD Colors

Verbs ARASAAC for ARAWORD Black And White

Arasaac Symbols License

Arasaac Pictographic symbols used are a property of CATEDU (http://catedu.es/arasaac /) under Creative Common’s License and they have been created by Sergio Palao.

I did only the italian version library. If you are interested in other languages, please let me know.

For every infinite verb I have created symbols with various conjugations. The schema is defined as follow for some verbs as example.
Infinite Verb: