AAC Talking Tabs - About us

How AAC Talking Tabs is born..

It was in March of 2011.....

Why I build this application?

Aac Talking Tabs is a simple augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device.

I build this application to help my daughter to talk with other people. She was using a printed table divided in the categories. The problem was that updating the tables is very annoying: you must use BoardMaker or similar software, arrange the images somehow because there were non more space on the sheet, then print the tables again, laminating the sheets and bind them again togheter. Discovering two minutes later that you need to insert another image....

So we ask for some device and software to help her but one of the possibility was GoTalk.... It means printing tables with BoardMaker, record your voice for each image of the table with a limit of 4 level of 20 images (I think... more or less).. everything on a simil green case of plastic, very difficult to carry on with you..... unusable.

So I ask for tablet software but on the market I found few things and they don't meet the needs of my daughter. There was something for Ipad but it is not in italian, quite expensive and I'm a little hesitant to leave an Ipad to a 9 years old girl. So I decide to buy a cheaper (but not worse than an Ipad at all) Asus Transformer, and do the software by myself: few books, a lot of browsing and a lot more nights later I publish this app. 

It was summer 2011.... I hope it will be useful and satisfying for you as it has been for my daughter.


Building sentence

Building sentence