AAC Talking Tabs - Tutorial. Verification modules

Verification modules

Building verification modules.

The verification modules are parts of a book that are used to test whether anyone who have read the book has actually understood its contents.You make a question and suggest two or more alternative answer where just one of this is right. I saw several applications that have this type of system but, in this case, everybody can make their books with the verifcation modules on any topic.

We will take as an example the book of elementary mathematics that I have already prepared; it is a text where it shows the numbers from 1 to 10. The book can be downloaded here (italian only). Once you download the zip file to your tablet, follow the instructions in the tutorial "9. Save, Restore and sharing" to get the book on your tablet.


Let's get straight to writing the second chapter, the one with verification modules. Therefore let's swype from left to right, choose the Chapter 2, Verification and press the button "Write Chapter".

Writing "How many pencils?" plus the Image with 4 pencils (3 symbols and 1 free image) we just saw in the previous tutorial how.

The symbols with the answers, which were spaced one from another with an empty placeholders to display them better, have next to value the letters F (False, wrong answer) or T (True, correct answer) in brackets. This value is set by the response option that we saw in the previous tutorial and that can have these three values;

  1. Picture text: it means that the image is part of the story of the book;
  2. Right answer.
  3. Wrong answer.


Obviously it's up to you to set one right answer and that the selected one is actually the right one. We will see in the next tutorial how the application behave during play mode with the book and module verification.

For a better reading my advice is to set the next symbol (in our case "how many") with location symbol New Page, so you have just one question per page (you will se a <-np-> prefix on the symbol text).