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New Book: Pinocchio

I published a new book, a classic: Pinocchio. 
Thanks again to Lucia Chirici who provided me the material. The images were made by the 3B classroom  that I had to touch up a little but I liked to keep them. 
The story is rather long (68 pages of tablet 8’’) and building the pages (only the first time) could even take more than a minute, depending on the device you have (with my smartphone it takes about 20 seconds, nexus 5) .
The images are sized for a tablet. On the smartphone are a bit too big, just edit the book and change the width.
I also noticed a bug; the book had been saved with the classic setting of the label over the images; I saw that the recovery does not maintain this setting. I will correct the bug as soon as possible.

The attached video shows you how I build the book (in the video I create only 2 pages).

To download the book, as always, use the menu item Book downloads directly from the application or the link


New Book: Pinocchio 1 New Book: Pinocchio 2