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New Version Aac

Now you can download the books on the www.aactalkingtabs.com site directly from the application through the menu item "Book Download". For anyone who wants to share their work, just send me backup of your book by email at acolzi19@gmail.com (if you are unsure how to do it, look at the video on youtube towards the end). Meanwhile, I continue to translate the books Lucia Chirici has kindly provided me with other work I'm doing.

Then I will  enable access to the site to allow you to load and autonomously manage your books plus I’ll provide a function that allows you to automatically upload the book from the tablet to the server and then manage them (as I found more spare time for it).

For now, if you want to share your work, the only way is to send them to me via email.

I made it even easier to build books (and generally search for images) introducing two new features:

1- Automatic indexing of images; You have to enabled it from the main settings menu. If enabled, each time you save an image, if it is not indexed, is recorded in the database with a timestamp 

2- Long tap on the search button: if the word you are writing is not indexed, with a long tap  the description is not used as a search key, avoiding having to delete it on the file manager.

I then made a youtube video (https://youtu.be/KC9K6sboHLY subtitle in english) where I show in detail how to create, play and share a book.